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  • Even the wolves

When you are feeling sad

Both, the River and the boat are feeling sad with you

The willow trees and the gray sparrows

The mountain and the room’s lamp

The curtains and the sunlight

The heart in the chest,

The fish in the rivers,

And even the wild wolves

Even the wolves

Are burying their heads in the sand and crying.

  • Tomorrow morning

We will climb the tree and eat the berries

Tomorrow morning

I will take your hand and run in the wilderness

Tomorrow morning

I will kiss you a thousand kisses

 Moreover, to you, I will say a thousand good mornings

Nevertheless, who can assure me that the morning is coming?

The night is expanded like an age

The woman is in the balcony

And I am in the prison.

  • Routine

Café au lait in the morning

The wife’s quick kiss

The way to the work

The way back home

The way to the bed


Café au lait in the morning

He is completely alive

Touch him and do not be afraid

The dead are not frightening.

  • Our beautiful life

Life is beautiful

Says the bird

And comes down dead next the hunter’s shoes

Life is beautiful

Says the flower

And comes down dead in the handsome boy’s hand

Life is beautiful

He says

And shoots himself in the head

Life is ugly, hateful, graceless, and wicked

Says the tyrant

Then he bites a piece of biscuit.

  • No One

I opened the door

No one came in

Not a guest nor a woman or a policeman

I opened the windows

No one came in through

Not air nor a butterfly or a stray song

I opened my heart

No one entered it

Not a river nor a bullet or a bird

Here I am

Closed and lonely

I call you


  • Habituation

I prepared for you a cup of coffee

A hot cup of coffee

The coffee got cold

And you did not come

I put a flower in a glass of water

A blood red flower

The flower has dried up

And you did not come

Every day I open the window

So I see the leaves are falling down

The rain is pour down

The birds are groaning

I do not see you

I used

To prepare the coffee, for two, every morning

To put a red flower in a glass of water

To open the windows for the wind, the rain, and the sun

I used to

Wait for you O revolution.

  • Two

They were two

Walking together

In the empty streets

He smells of tobacco

Of her, are falling down the lemons leaves

And on the turning

Like two stars

They fell down


They were two

One of them is singing

The other likes to listen

Suddenly he stopped doing this

She stopped doing that

When the flute has broken


They were two

She gave him a pen to write

He gave her sneakers for walks

With the pencil, “goodbye”, he wrote to her

With the sneakers, she came to say goodbye to him.

  • Please

Please, write something to me

Let’s understand each other

Write something to me

Write to me on a paper with the pencil

With your finger on my palm

With a matchstick on a wall’s paint

Please, write to me

Tell me, please, what the benefit is

Of a dream surrounded by blackness

Of a mouth without lips

Of a sky if not blue

Of a forest without trees

And of a life without freedom

 Say to me something, please

Write, draw, or sing

Sing about the country, which is in pain.

  • Love

The love is not a room for rent

Simply, we leave it and go

Leaving behind us the old pictures, the dust,

And the Cigarettes butts


The love is not a beautiful song

Suddenly we learn it, suddenly we forget about it

As we forget, when we get older,

The childhood, the playing, and the mother’s milk


The love is not an aspirin

We take it when we have a headache

 It is not a light joke

We trade it in times of boredom


Love is not a rose for decoration

 Not a broken glass to go to the wastebasket


The love..

Is a permanent birth certificate

We carry it with raised head

To break through the massacre’s street.

  • Your Hand

Is five closed continents

Waiting for your hand’s five fingers

Five open continents waiting for me

When I hug your hand’s five fingers


Your hand in the winter

Is earth wet with rain

 Your hand in the summer is

 A spike in a field of ash


Do not open your hand.. Do not open your hand

So all the world’s songs will be released of it

Do not close your hand.. Do not close your hand

So all the world’s songs will resort to it


Your warm, soft hand

Like my heart

How I leave it to be lost like a bird

In a forest full of hunters.

  • Syria

O beautiful happy Syria

Like a hearth in December

O unhappy Syria

Like a bone between dog’s teeth

O callous Syria

Like a scalpel in the surgeon’s hands

We are your good-hearted children

We have eaten your bread, olives, and your whips

Always, we will lead you to the springs of water

Always, we will wipe your blood with our tender fingers

And your tears with our dry lips

We will always pave the paths for you

We will not let you get lost, Syria

As a song in a desert.

  • White dagger

In the summer

There was a wretched girl with wild eyes

She met me on the history’s train

She gave me a book and a finger of banana

After looking fearfully at the huge man

Who was playing with his cold pistol’s nozzle in his jacket’s pocket

And when I asked her to give me her address

“It’s OK”, She said.

She sucked her tasty thumb and thought

Then she wrote something on a piece of paper

In the winter

When I went to the café to see her

Her face was pale and her eyes were cloudy

In her back, there was a white dagger

The birds were racing on it.

  • The Justice

The justice is to run with my beloved

In the world’s alleys

Without the guards asking me for my phone number

Or my lost identity

The justice is to throw myself into the vast sea

I am sure that no one will hold me from my ear

And lead me- once again to the tomb

Claiming that suicide is not sanctioned by canons

And laws

The justice is to eat my loaf of bread peacefully

To go to the cinema peacefully

To sing peacefully

To kiss my beloved peacefully and die without fuss.

  • Confidence

Stone after stone

I will not fall

As a besieged city


Leave after leave

I will not fall

As a tree in the autumn


Body after body

I will not fall

In a public carnage

Under the law


In front of the imperial tanks

I will brush the hair of my heart

And look at death with confidence.

Translated by Amani Lazar

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